What’s the long-term impact PLN is trying to have on the Web3 world?


What’s the long-term impact Protocol Labs Network is trying to have on the Web3 world?

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Revolutionary PLN technology enables web3 capabilities such as content addressing and data storage to be aligned with human values, giving users more control of their own nodes and offering peer-to-peer connections that don't need to depend on a centralized entity. We are working hard to bridge the divide between web2 and web3, creating user-friendly tools that will make transitioning easier. Furthermore, we aim for interoperability across different infrastructures using the latest web3 tech stacks; investing in initiatives like IPFS and libp2p so humanity can benefit from decentralized marketplaces over central parities. Taking a collaborative approach is key; together we can achieve much more than any one group alone. If you want to know how we are trying to expand our service to more users, you can read [this post ](https://pl-launchpad.peeranha.io/experts/1428/what%E2%80%99s-the-plan-to-get-a-massive-amount-of-data-to-people-who-are-less-tech-saavy%3F)